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FAQ for Oakville Symphony patrons
Conductor Showcase Season (2021-22) 

As we plan to return to live concerts at the Oakville Centre in November 2021, and with the subscription series launching in February 2022, we know that patrons have concerns about Covid safety protocols. While the future of the pandemic remains uncertain, we will endeavour to provide answers based on the current information. 

The following list of Frequently Asked Questions has been developed after consultation with the Oakville Centre and will be updated as the situation develops. Please note that the Oakville Centre is currently closed. 

“The Oakville Centre is part of the Town of Oakville and has been involved with the development of an all-encompassing Covid response plan called The Recovery Playbook. This is a comprehensive guide to the health and safety protocols required to keep staff and the public safe while delivering or accessing Town services. These protocols are based on a wide variety of sources including Town policies, government directives, industry best practices and public health guidelines. The playbook is reviewed and updated regularly based on prevailing Covid knowledge and operational expectations, and both industry and Covid best practices.” (Statement from the Oakville Centre – June 2021) 

Link to Town of Oakville Covid-19 Information page 


Q. Will proof of vaccination be required for patrons and staff/volunteers at the Oakville Centre?
A. Currently not required, however this may change. The Recovery Playbook directs operational and physical flow, PPE etc. to protect staff and patrons.

Q. How will I be protected from exposure to non- or partially vaccinated individuals at the Centre?
A. Covid restrictions and protocols will be in place to mitigate the risk.

Q. Will all the seats be sold and occupied?
A. Not currently. 

Q. What are the limits to capacity?
A. Stage 3 (Ontario Roadmap to Reopen) capacity restrictions have not yet been released. The Centre is planning for 100% to 15% capacity scenarios and offering hybrid models of in-person audience and concurrent live streaming to a virtual audience. 

Q. What is the cancellation policy for concert tickets?
A. In the 2019-20 season the Oakville Centre was flexible about ticket cancellations, offering a refund (minus a small processing fee) to patrons, or the option of donating the value of the unused ticket to the Oakville Symphony. We anticipate a similar policy should a concert be canceled due to restricted health and safety guidelines.  

Full plans for the Oakville Centre will be rolled out over the summer, and shared on the Oakville Centre website and the Town of Oakville website 

Current as of June 29, 2021

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