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Joseph Kikukawa is a grade 12 student at Iroquois Ridge High School (dreading his university applications). He began playing the violin at the age of five and taught himself until the age of twelve. After quitting for two years, he returned to the violin at the start of high school. Now, he has studied with Albina Molodozhan for over a year, undergone training to become a violin teacher, played for 500+ hours at his local church, received awards at music festivals, played in quartet, trio, and duet ensembles, and is overjoyed to start a new school year and a new chapter of his musical experience with the Oakville Symphony Orchestra. At school, Joseph plays the tenor saxophone at his school’s concert and jazz bands and the guitar whenever necessary. Furthermore, he is a member of many cocurricular clubs and is a leader in some of them, organizing international service trips and teaching students physics and mathematics. In the future, Joseph wishes to earn a dual-degree in music and mathematics and continue his education in both fields.


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