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Musician spotlight: Eslyn Blair

The violin has always been a passion for Eslyn, and she has a natural talent for the instrument. When she was seven, her late uncle, Ben Wilson, had a violin that no-one was using. He asked Eslyn’s parents if they would be interested in having Eslyn learn how to play, and that is how her story began.

Eslyn’s performance debut was with the Mississauga Youth Orchestra, and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This propelled her to pursue her musical passion and led her to the Oakville Symphony (OS), where she has played for 15 years. Eslyn revels in performing with the OS thanks to its leadership, diverse repertoire, and wonderful, talented fellow musicians.

She also performs at numerous events throughout the GTA, and is the organist at her church. Eslyn continues her studies with the Royal Conservatory of Music, and is working on her ARCT in piano performance.

Eslyn believes that music thrives on expression and not perfection—that it is more important to let your audience feel your passion than to have a robotic metronome performance. Consequently, Eslyn started an ensemble at her church giving children and young adults a forum and opportunity to play. If anyone played an instrument, Eslyn encouraged them to join. Undertaking this project was very rewarding for Eslyn as she watched the ensemble of 20 develop their musicianship skills.

As owner of Everest Home Health Care, the Covid-19 pandemic has kept Eslyn and her staff very busy. Despite the critically high demand for staffing, Eslyn still finds the time to play her violin.

Eslyn shares a home with her beloved husband of 19 years, and she is the proud mom of two children. Her daughter Kailyn also plays the violin and piano, and her son Samuel enjoys basketball and video games.

The family cat, Milo, likes to sit on the dining table and listen to Eslyn practice. When she asks Milo whether she has gotten it right, he always faithfully meows, “Yes.”

Music, in its many genres is the heartbeat, rhythm, and expression of Eslyn’s life.

(With thanks to Jill Yokoyama, volunteer member of the OS Development Committee.)

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