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How to donate while online shopping, using FlipGive

Are you staying home and shopping online more often now? If so, you could be donating small amounts to the Oakville Symphony each time you do, automatically and without any extra expense. We’ve raised $646 so far this season, just a few dollars at a time.

How to use FlipGive:

From your desktop computer, click HERE. Or, from your mobile device download the FlipGive app, and enter the Oakville Symphony team code ZIJOCN.

You’ll need to sign up, and you can use a nickname (such as SymphonyFriend123) to keep your identity private.

Then whenever you decide to make a purchase, first go to (or open the FlipGive app on your phone), and then select a retailer (or item that you want to buy), and shop the same way you normally would.

Thank you for considering this way of supporting our orchestra.

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