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We are immensely grateful for the generous support of our donors during the Covid pandemic. Your donations help us meet our operational costs during a period of reduced ticket revenues and fewer corporate sponsorships. Thank you!
(List updated on October 16, 2021.)

BRAVO CIRCLE ($2,000 and over)

Mariella & David Holmes
Heather Kaine & Andy Kenins
The Khurana Family
Helen Litton
John Postle
Dagmar Rydlo*

MAESTRO ($1,000-$1,999)

Deb Daymond
James & Sandra Farley in memory of Murray Steele
Pamela Gowing
Martin Levman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert March
Keith Morrison & Family in memory of Ian Morrison
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pugsley
Simon & Lynne Scott
Rhonda & Dave Wild
John and Gail Young

BENEFACTOR ($500-$999)

Peter & Dorine Bloemen
Anna & Marc Hewitt
Sonia Khurana
Bill & Donna Porter
Terry Still

SUPPORTER ($250-$499)

Eric Bentzen-Bilkvist & Jenny Mackay
William & Sandy Boughner
Russell & Sonja Buckland
Christopher Byrne & Anda Whiting
Joseph Colangelo
Amber Foulkes
Cynthia Hawkins
Kelly Kaddatz
Lucie Larose
Ron & Pat McKee
Frank & Jean Anne Morewood
Elizabeth & John Peck
John & Donna Starkey

CONTRIBUTOR ($75-$249)

Tom & Janet Alton
Judy Berube
Sandra Brans
Robert Browne
Mayor Rob and Mrs. Wendy Burton
Natalie Cabri
Elizabeth & Iain Chalmers
John & Bianca Chambers
Wanda Crichton
Cam & Maili Davreux
John Easson
Yoka & Jan Feberwee
Lottie Grant
Joe & Avril Jany
Sally Jackson
Catherine Kaloutsky
Andrew & Carol Kennedy
Robert & Margo MacLean
Margaret & Patrick MacLure
Mrs. Wynne McAlpine
Joanne McGinty
Carolyn McLeod
Patricia Neely
Marie O’Sullivan
Patricia & Fred Pincock
Cathy Pote
Allan & Wendy Schmidt
Peggy Steele
Karen Stothart
Lori Terry
Sandra & Jim Tonner
Peter Trahair
Jackie Tyrell
Neil & Maureen Westoll
Michael & Marilynne Whyte
Malcolm & Anne Wootton
Bruce & Lorraine Yake
Jill Yokoyama

These contributions are based on “Friends” donations made between October 2020 and November 2021. Please contact us at if there is an error in your listing.
*A fund held within the Oakville Community Foundation

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