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Musician spotlight: Linda Choi

Linda’s parents are both musicians so she grew up surrounded by music, particularly classical music. When she was 5 years old she saw a violinist on TV and told her parents she wanted to play the violin too. Soon after, Linda started Suzuki violin lessons.

She has been playing with the Oakville Symphony since 2005. Linda was originally hired as an extra first violinist and it has turned into the role of a Young Artist mentor. She says that the best thing about playing in the Oakville Symphony is the people. She has formed many friendships within the orchestra, and says it is a joy to play with others who genuinely love and have a passion for music. She finds that it is a very supportive and positive environment.

In addition to her work with the Oakville Symphony, Linda also plays with various professional orchestras and smaller ensembles all over Ontario, and she teaches violin.

Linda’s advice for young/aspiring musicians is to play for anyone and everyone! Opportunities to perform, whether in a recital, masterclass or just in your living room with your family, offer so many benefits in developing stage presence, helping to overcome any fears or anxieties, building confidence and more.

During the pandemic Linda has been super-busy. Her family moved back to Oakville and they have been tackling home renovations. She has continued teaching privately online, and has been observing quite a few masterclasses online and attending pedagogical seminars. Linda finds that the online access to teachers and students from all over the world has been very inspiring. On top of all that, Linda’s two young children have also been home full-time.

Next time you attend an Oakville Symphony concert be sure to look for Linda in the first violin section.



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